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The Unapologetic Man Podcast

Jul 8, 2024

You’re talking to this girl, she’s super hot, and things seem to be going well. You want to stay in touch but have no idea whether you should go for her Instagram or just try to get her number.

While you might have a preference about which one you like more, the truth is they both have pros and cons that you need to...

Jun 24, 2024

You might not realize it at first, but every single question a girl asks you, and every question you ask a girl is an opportunity to demonstrate value and elicit massive attraction in her.

There is no such thing as a boring conversation once you always know what to say.

With Mark's decades of experience, he’s been...

Jun 20, 2024

When talking to women, you are the one who’s responsible for keeping things fun and entertaining. This isn’t always easy when the woman has no game and is asking you generic, boilerplate questions.

In today’s episode, Mark explains how you can morph boring questions into an engaging and attraction-building...

May 13, 2024

One of the primary reasons why men struggle with women is because we use logic to try and appeal to them. Surely by giving her everything she wants and being a good boy, she’s going to fall in love with me, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth, when you over-supplicate and confirm to a woman, she ends up...

Apr 15, 2024

In the early stages of talking to a woman, you’re probably trying to make a connection, get her into her emotions, and to open up with you.

While these are all good things, a common trap guys find themselves stuck in is becoming the person she uses to complain and download all her issues onto.

Not only is it miserable...