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The Unapologetic Man Podcast

Jun 27, 2024

Any woman who’s on the dating apps these days has a ton of options. So if you’re not building attraction with her QUICKLY, there’s a good chance she’s going to ghost you.

Normally, this means game over as blowing up her phone and acting needy will only make her less attracted to you. But did you know there...

Jun 24, 2024

You might not realize it at first, but every single question a girl asks you, and every question you ask a girl is an opportunity to demonstrate value and elicit massive attraction in her.

There is no such thing as a boring conversation once you always know what to say.

With Mark's decades of experience, he’s been...

Jun 20, 2024

When talking to women, you are the one who’s responsible for keeping things fun and entertaining. This isn’t always easy when the woman has no game and is asking you generic, boilerplate questions.

In today’s episode, Mark explains how you can morph boring questions into an engaging and attraction-building...

Jun 17, 2024

Something all men need to understand is that when they talk to women, the burden of performance is on them. Ultimately it's you, the man, who needs to lead the conversation and you are the one who is responsible for making sure you both have a good time.

If a woman brings up a topic which leads the conversation to...

Jun 13, 2024

On the surface, Dan Bilzerian’s life looks like every man's dream. Money, hot women, yacht parties, everything you could ever wish for!

But after a decade of living this dream, has it provided Dan the fulfillment he was expecting? After a few candid interviews, you might be surprised by the answer.

In today’s...