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The Unapologetic Man Podcast

May 29, 2023

The subconscious mind has access to and processes far more information than our conscious minds can. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where logically things seem ok, but you just ‘had a bad feeling’, that’s your intuition kicking in and telling you something’s off.

But as men, we tend to lean into...

May 25, 2023

After a marriage comes to an end most men will completely re-evaluate what they're looking for in a woman. Lust and physical attraction are only small pieces of the puzzle, and you’re going to need a lot more than just attraction if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and be happy.

Today’s episode...

May 22, 2023

Most men have attempted the fairy tale idea of a relationship where they give her everything she wants and fully embody being a ‘good man’, only to find themselves getting cheated on and even blamed for making her do it.

Confusing, right?

Don’t worry, everyone gets this cold bucket of water dumped on them at some...

May 18, 2023

Throughout your life, you’re going to experience damaging events that can inflict long-lasting traumas and insecurities onto your character.

But much like the hero in any good story, a calamity is also a golden opportunity to grow and become that warrior you were always supposed to be.

You just need to frame these...

May 15, 2023

A common issue guys run into when talking to women is not being able to steer the conversation in a way that's conducive to building attraction. Sure you can open with simple pleasantries and get a conversation going, but that by itself isn’t going to build attraction and it’s certainly not getting you any closer to...